Food Is Fun

I grew up knowing that food was not just something that kept me alive, it's something that's magical and fulfilling. It was always the center of family gatherings and celebrations, even daily life. I spent time watching both my grandmother and my mother cook. In high school, I took cooking lessons. In college, I even considered attending Le Cordon Bleu in Paris after graduation. To me, Food = Passion. 
Have you ever thought about how an amazing meal can practically change your life? Do you have this overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you tackle a difficult recipe and it comes out perfect? Well, I do. 
So welcome to my blog about what else, but food. Each week I post a menu with the meals and as the week goes by I post each meal. There are repeats throughout the weeks as we have our favorites (who doesn’t?), but I try to have a few new recipes each week.